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Changes with COVID-19

Many AA meetings are now taking place online. The following is a list of local meetings that have “moved” to Zoom and other video chat platforms for the time being.

Here are some suggested Zoom settings for anonymity, and a starting guide for hosting and managing new groups, courtesy of New York Intergroup.

In addition to the Sarasota-based groups below, others in major cities have also moved to zoom, and as a result there is an incredible array of meetings with more being added daily. Some starting points to discover these meetings are here: New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, and UK and Continental Europe.

2021 Annual Fund Drive

Alcoholics Anonymous is fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions. However, with many locations closed and without a basket to pass in the short term, Central Office needs your help more than ever.

Consider making a one-time or monthly-recurring donation to keep us afloat and maintain local AA organization in this extraordinary time. We look forward as much as you do to the the other side of this crisis.


If you would like your contribution split among the various service organizations, please indicate so in the notes.

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If you would like your contribution split among the various service organizations, please indicate so in the notes.